Sunday, February 25, 2007

wazzzzzzzzzzzzz uppppppppppp!!!!!

Okay Sarah, I am trying my hardest to get Sung Hyun to give you the wazzzz uppp. I think he did a good job, how about you? Soon this is how all Koreans will pose.........keke!!!


Beloved said...

Hey Jen,

I tagged you for the 6 weird things meme. It is a lot of fun, but feel free to pass.

Sarah said...

Hahahahahaahahah Welcome to tha gangsta nation Sung Hyun......Jen u did a good job on teachin him how to chuck up tha duece effectively.....good luck wit the rest of Korea, I kno if anyone can acomplish wat they set thier mind on its u....I have faith......much love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!