Sunday, February 04, 2007


When everyone at home was enjoying Superbowl Sunday, I took to the slopes with my lover and his friends. I had to rent snowboarding gear, not only the board, boots and binding but also the jacket, ski pants, eye googles, butt and knee protectors. I was fully suited in rental gear, oh with one exception, I bought my own hat............and Sung Hyun bought the matching couples male hat to boot.

I couldn't have asked for a better day, although I was dreading the fact I would have to wake up in the wee early hours of the morning. First we drove to his friends apartament and then we were quickly off to Jisan Ski Resort. I got to practice some Korean on the way there and they were totally caught off guard when I introduced myself and told them about my life in Korean. I can finally see some progress with my Korean lessons and my hard work is starting to pay off.

This couple is so cute, not to mention incredibly b-e-u-t-i-f-u-l. They just got married a year ago. They are both 30 years old Korean age (so 28/29 Western age), but seriously if I had to guess their age I would put the guy at about 25 and the woman at 20..............if only I could look so young...........ha, funny story.........after snowboarding we went to their house for dinner and I showed them my home page. know that pic of me at the top, where I am wearing a green shirt cooking in my kitchen????..........well when she saw that she asked me if it was my mom............

The weather was perfect!!!!! Of course all the Korean thought it was cold, but to me it was fabulous. I even took off my hat and gloved and wanted to remove my jacket, that's how nice it was.

The scenery was splendid too!!!!!!! Check out the sun and beautiful mountain behind us.

Second stop..........bunny hill!!!!
The ride up the bunny hill was kinda fun. Just have and seat on this conveyor belt and soon you will reach the top. The guy at the bottom made sure that we were evenly spaced out before we hopped on, but on the ride up we wipped out the camera and goofed around.
Here we are pumped and ready to go.........KOREA TEAM FIGHTING!!!!
And after only one attempt at the bunny hill I decided it was about time that I tried something more thrilling. So off we went to the next course (orange), but first we had to endure the line up. Actually it wasn't too bad of a wait despite all the people. The lifts were for 8 people so we were up in no time.

And down in no time fact today was the first time I went down the whole hill carving. And I wasn't making the big slow turns. I was going down super fast, so much that I think I made Sung Hyun jealous.

Can you see how jealous he is in this picture..............yah he's definately can see it is his eyes..................hahaha.

Here we are at the top of the SILVER (or SHILBER -- the Korean pronunciation). After a quick bite to eat, noodles and kimchi, we were down the next course in no time.

Here's the seriously she looks like she's 20..................NO FAIR!!!!!!

This is all of us at the end of the day..................ALL SMILES!!!!!!!!!!

And.............I was completely exhasted. So tired I just collapsed on the boards and almost fell asleep in the warm sun.

Today was a blast and I would go again tomorrow if I could.................if only I didn't have to work!!!!!
KOREAN THOUGHT FOR THE DAY = Don't blow your nose in front of anyone else. This is considered terribly rude. Excuse yourself and find a restroom, or at least a private corner. Some Koreans wear paper face masks when they have colds. This is supposed to protect others from catching the cold.

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