Sunday, February 18, 2007


............. THE WHOLE FAMILY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today was the day to meet Sung Hyuns family. And when I am talking family, I mean 4 or his sisters and their husbands along with all the kids. There were about 20 of us packed like sardines into a room that was designed for two. It was totally Korean style -- no beds, no table and I loved it.

Surprisingly I was greeted by his mom at the front door with the biggest hug ever. I saw her hustle across the room pushing everyone out of the way just so she could be the first person to greet me. I had played this scene in my head several times and that is totally not how I thought it would happen. I even had a great opening speech planned for what I was going to say to his mom when I first met her. Yah that totally went out the window when I got trampled at the front door.

The first feelings were intense but right from the start I felt very welcome. Sung Hyun's neice spoke a lot of English so she was able to translate for me. Everyone wanted to hear me speak Korean, so I wipped out the few lines that I had polished and they were totally impressed. Unfortunately that was all I had to say for the whole night because I exhasted my limited Korean vocabulary right off the bat.

So I figured that we would be served dinner right away since I got there at about 6:30 and everyone else was already there. But the actual rice with duck soup and side dishes didn't get served until 9 pm. First we did some traditional bow and recieved some money from his mom. Meanwhile we sat around eating snacks (which I just assumed was the meal).............and what was it that I ate you ask................

............CHICKEN FEET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yup, I ate chicken feet........and not just one foot but probably the feet of 10 little and all!!! I was so shocked but they just kept handing me peices so I couldn't reject them. And really they aren't anything special. I thought they would be deep friend and crunchy, but they were chewy and gristly. I just had to keep telling myself that I eat chicken so I might as well eat the feet...............kekeke

After the snacks the questions came pooring my way. And since Sung Hyun doesn't have a father the pressure was off. The fact that Sung Hyun doesn't have a father probably is the reason why he is allowed to date a Westerner, since he is the ONLY son in the family, he has a huge responsibility to look after his mom.

So just when I thought I was free and clear, Sung Hyun's oldest sisters husband (do you follow?) jumped in the role of DAD and just drilled me with questions: What does my family do? Do I have siblings? What is my brothers job? Do you think it is a good idea to send Korean children away from their familys to study English abroad? Why did I come to Korea? What are my hobbies? ahhhhhhhhhhhh and I can't remember half of what I said. I felt so bombarded and as if I was being tested (kinda like at prom, when the dad asks question to her daughters to see if he's good enough).

I am not sure how I did............I guess I will find out when I ask Sung Hyun (although I doubt he would tell me what they honestly said about me when I left). After dinner, I thought I should head home, despite Sung Hyun's attempts to get me to stay and play GO STOP with his family. I figured I had accomplished what I needed to and I didn't want to over stay my visit.

Overall it was great to feel so welcome by people who don't know much about me. The fact that they were so open to letting me into their home and so welcoming made me feel special........MY HOME AWAY FROM HOME!!!!!!!!!

I can't wait to bring Sung Hyun to my house in Canada this summer. I hope he feels just as welcome as I did.


Sandra said...

Glad it went so well for you. How exciting :)

Anonymous said...

You never were a real picky eater but I didn't think in my wildest imagination that you would ever eat the feet of chickens....I like chicken too but not that much. Yuck !!
Happy to hear that you felt welcome at Sung Hyun's mother's house. She sounds like a very special lady.
See, I told you not to worry about the first visit.

Beloved said...

Glad to hear the BIG visit went well. I suspected that it would. It's nice to just go, eat and get out. Ha ha. I used to have to stay for 3 days straight--eating, sleeping and washing an endless stream of dishes. I actually came to dread the holiday every year--much like many Korean women.

Anonymous said...

I have eaten chicken feet. Lots of chicken feet. I have had them done two different ways - one was at my Laotian (Toula) friends house, they were crispy and really really good - and the other was when I had dim sum, and they were more juicy, I liked them, but I liked them done more crispy. They are definitely something you have to get used to. But I am glad that the first visit went well, and besides, I knew it would. Who wouldn't love you? You are just too adorable and nice not too like!