Saturday, January 13, 2007

Would you like some sausage?.....ummm NO THANKS!!!!

I love you Sung Hyun, but not enough to eat what you cooked me for dinner last night.

Korean men don't cook -- simple as that. Athough current times are slowly changing with Western influence, it is still considered a womens job to maintain the household -- thus cooking and cleaning are religated to the women. Sung Hyun called me after work one day and said that he was going to cook for me.....that's great, I thought!!! He was so cute, working his little butt off in the kitchen, but he wouldn't let me get a picture of him. What's on the menu? Korean spam sausage dipped in eggs, served with sticky white rice and spicy kimchi.........yah that's what I thought!!!! I applaud him for his efforts, he is so wonderful to me.

Korean thought of the day -- If you've got a snack and you offer it to a Korean, they will ALWAYS reject the first offer. If they rejected abruptly without even looking at it, then they probably really don't want any. But if they look at it, pause and the reject hesitantly, they really want some, but they don't want to take any in case you just offered to be polite. But you're rude if you don't offer again!!!! Usually it's a good idea to offer at least three times (taken from Survival Korean, Stephen Revere).


Anonymous said...

Oh my god !!! Spam & eggs won't find its way into my kitchen. But you're's the thought that counts.

JENNA said...

Ever heard the skit "Spam" by Monty Python? You should really download it, I think you would find it hilarious!

"Spam, spam, eggs, and spam. Spam, spam, sausage and spam. Spam, spam, spam, bacon and spam. Eggs, bacon, sausage, and spam."
"Lovely spam, wonderful spam!"
"I don't like spam!"

In fact, I am going to try emailing it to you, have a listen!

Cindee said...

Hey Jen, this is my first comment on your site! I love reading what your up to and your adventures. Just to let you know i'm living vicariously through you right now before I get to go back to SA!! Gets me excited and I'm so excited for you as well! I'm so happy we got to see eachother at wonderful Joey's before you left so I got this site! Take care and again, Love reading about your happenings!! much love!

Anonymous said...

lol this isn't spam, this is Korean veggie sausage. You would only know this if you're Korean or lived in Korea for long time.