Monday, January 15, 2007


Okay, two really weird things happened to me tonight.......

.......Number ONE -- I had plans to meet my Korean friend Charlie in an area of Seoul that is pretty up-beat and happening. He lives 90 minutes out of town by subway. When I made my transfer to get on a different subway line I managed to settle down into a seat, when no longer than 2 minutes later Charlie comes up in front of me. What are the chances of meeting him on the WAY to the meeting place -- I happened to be on the same subway train as him and also in the same box weird!!!

.......Number TWO -- On top of that, when I was exiting the subway I came across someone I knew. Although I have never met the person I recognized her from pictures that I have seen. We have never talked on msn, emailed each other, or exchanged phone numbers. The only contact we have ever had was leaving comments on each others blogs. She too is an english teacher, but she happens to live outside of Seoul. So how is it possible to be in the exact same city with her at the exact same time, in the exact same subway? Don't ask me!!!!!! She totally recognized me when I saw her and she even recognized Charlie. Likewise, I knew that the man she was with was named Kim Tae, because she writes so much about him on her blog. Two fellow bloggers meet in weird!!!!!

So here she is -- meet AMY everyone!!!!! (She is just as pretty in person as she is in the picture). Check out her blog here. Hey, Amy next time you are in Seoul, you should call me up so we can go for 커피 do like 커피 right? (haha)

So here is my friend Charlie, you may recognize him for the motorcycle he was driving. Before I left back to 캐나다 (Canada) he bought me a little Korean gift. So naturally I decided that I must bring him back something truly Canadian -- FUDGE!!!!! Also, I got him a business suit shirt so that he can look professional, Canadian style.

First we ate dinner -- Pizza, spaghetti, and salad. Charlie never gets a chance to eat Western food at home, so he tries to everytime we meet.

Charlie loves taking pictures. So I got to be his model for the night. There were so many lights, it was amazing!!!!! After dinner we had to treat ourselves to Krispie Kreme Doughnuts. They are full of so much FAT but they are sooooo delicious.

Here they are being cooked

Nothing like the glazing process................ummmm!!!
How about some steaming hot goodness................

THIS ONE IS FOR YOU BELOVED -- if I didn't check out your site then I would have never know about about these cute little creatures. So here's a token to you in Korea......

KISS THE PIG CHARLIE -- pigs are a sign of wealth and good being, so they are represented in statues and tiny figures all around the place.
Okay, its true I bought an International Driving Permit before I returned to Korea. But you certainly won't catch me on this flowered scooter.........
......especially when Charlie is driving

There was a row of about 5 or 6 beautiful ice sculptures. It sure added to the night!!

....BUT nothing beats goofing off. Check out Charlie as he side-kicks the snowman. He doesn't stand a chance.
Charlie set his camera so that it would automatically take this picture. I counted down the seconds till it flashed and gave him a big ol' push before it snapped the picture. Do you think I've taken him by surprise????

This is my favorite picture of the night. I love how relaxed I look. Even better is all the lights in the sky. I wish you were all here to see it.
Korean thought of the day -- if a friend arrives while you're with a group, you're obliged to introduce him to everyone present unless he's already known to them. But after you introduce him, don't be too surprised if you're the only person he talks to. The rules about who can talk with whom are complex, and some people will ignore other people in a group situation. They're not being rude; they just don't know each other well enough for converstation to be socially acceptable.


Beloved said...

Thank you Jenn, for the Pucca pic!!! So sweet of you. . .

I'm so jealous of your meet-up with Amy; so strange how that happened.

Love your Korean thought of the day. That's an awesome idea. I just finally reorganized (and alphabetized) my blog and added a link to yours. I meant to do it sooner. :o(

Why am I here??? said...

awwww, thanks..... You are the first person to add me to your blog roll. Also, the first outsider that has posted a comment on my are starting me make me feel kinda special....ㅋㅋㅋ

Amy Teacher said...

Hey Jenn,

Wow... that was REALLY cool running into you this past Monday! And itH was quite cute that I got to meet your friend Charlie and you got to meet the notorious Kim Tae I always write about.. ㅋㅋㅋ.

It was great to meet ya and thanks for the great Canadian hug.. and for the shout-outs on your homepage! Real sweet.

I finally got around to adding more links on my homepage and so I hope you don't mind but I added a link to your page.

Cool... check ya later.

P.S. I love your scooter pics, very funny.