Sunday, January 28, 2007

Very Important Peoples Society

Tonight we had a totally awesome dining experience at V.I.P.S., despite the fact that I only have $40 to last me till pay day (2 weeks away).......that's were the good old VISA card comes in handy. Although the food is never worth the price you pay, I just couldn't be bothered to cook on a Sunday night, especially when this restaurant is only a 5 minute walk from my house.

The night started slow, with a one hour wait to even be seated. Their waiting area is huge and they always have snacks on hand to keep you occupied. I had expected that we would have to wait a while since it was a Sunday night.

Sung Hyun dropped me off to get the ticket because he had some stuff to do at home meanwhile (Oh maybe I should expain..........the numbered ticket tells you when it's your turn to be seated). No problem with me, I just parked myself in the waiting area and wipped out the Korean studies, to everyones surprise. Infact, the millions of Koreans glancing over my shoulder did not make studying an easy task. Since the benches are so close to one another they were all able to see what exactly I was doing. Let's just say that it was not very successful, and I will probably fail my test tomorrow. So instead of choosing to study tonight my handy procrastination skills have kicked in. Tonights events consists of blogging and movies.

So after our hour wait, we are seated at this little table in the walk way, in direct contact with all the Koreans who rush back to the buffet table for seconds, get my point. There is no way that I am spending half my paycheck to feel like I am at a fast food joint. Needless to say we got a different table after some pleading (I think it worked because I was white).

So the way VIPS works is if you order off the menu then the salad bar is free. If you don't order a meal then the salad bar alone is $20. So we decide for an extra $5-7 we can't go wrong if we each order a steak. Now I think the technique at VIPS is to bring the food out as quickly as possible so that you don't really get a stab at the salad bar, because usually after my first mouthfull of salad my meal arrives at the table. How do I know this, well lets just say that I have been there too many times, enough times to get a VIP card to VIPS. Anyways, knowing this, I tell the server to bring the food in 30 minutes (well I didn't tell him but Sung Hyun did).

So after about 10 minutes later Sung Hyuns food arrives. What is going on?????? What happened to the 30 minute waiting request?? Well just so happens that Sung Hyun only requested my food to come out 30 minutes after...........thanks for the heads up huh!!!!

Dinner was good and as usual we stuffered ourselves silly. So much that Sung Hyun left with a stomach ache. I didn't even touch my meal, rather I got it boxed up so that I can enjoy it for lunch tomorrow. Our conversation consisted of reminising about how we met and our first few dates, and of course our first kiss**** which by the way makes for an interesting story.....hehehe. Anyone care to hear??

Our bill came and to no surprise it was far to much. But no worries, the stories and laughs made up for it. Plus my VIP card gave me a 10 % discount. And with no tipping in this country, $52 and a pre-made lunch for tomorrow..........score!!!!!

Oh yah.............I almost forgot. Sung Hyun loves bananas, he is my little monkey, so we had a brilliant idea to sneak one in my bag. Then I made a joke that we should sneak for more fruit so that we could have a mid-night snack. And although I was really only joking, Sung Hyun thought that was a great idea. And more fruit turned into some cookies too......sweet!!!

DAD, Sung Hyun could really use a lesson in packing. By the time I got home, most of my cookies were broken.

Not only is he a monkey, but he's also a hampster. Seriously, do you really need to stuff some much food in your cheeks at once????

Here is my yummy Mexican Steak. Well I am not too sure just how it tastes but I will let you know tomorrow.

The best part of the evening was the drive home. Or shall I say walk. Sung Hyun has a work truck that he is allowed to use for personal reasons. He is so embarrased of this truck that instead of conviently driving places, we go via bus or subway. One day I took a picture of this truck and later it was deleated from his camera. He hates this truck so much that he didn't even want me to tell this story. So anyways, we walk out into the parking lot and I start to look for this truck. Remember the reason he drove it was because he was coming from his mom's house. He tells me that he parked up the street, which I just assumed he did because the lot was full. But no, it's not just up the street, its like 3 blocks away (a ten minute walk) in some remote darkened black alley. I was laughing so hard when I found out where it was and I knew immediately the reason he didn't park it at VIPS. I seriously can't believe that he is so embarrased that he would make me walk to it, when my house is only 5 minutes away by foot.

KOREAN THOUGHT OF THE DAY -- Sung Hyun you make me laugh!!!!!!!!

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Hey Jenn,

... so, what's the story behind your first kiss?! I'm definitely curious after that comment you made!