Monday, January 29, 2007

My first Korean friend

Because learning English should be fun right? So here are some of my beginner students, and since only 2 of them showed up today I thought I would have some friendly competition. I have been teaching them a lot of phonics and as you can imagine it is quite boring. I have been focusing on ending sounds (for instance: et -- pet, set, met, vet, bet....... at -- sat, bat, hat, mat ...). So instead of using the textbook I used a plethora of cue cards, with random words on them. I would yell out an ending sound and the object was to get as many word cards with that ending. They loved the game and played their little hearts out -- probably because I was giving cookies to the winner.

I met PJ about a year ago in some pub style restaurant. He was hanging with his Korean work buddies playing some drinking game. I was so interested in what it was they were doing so I asked if I could join them. Since Pj spoke the most English I got along with him really well. And although we don't see each other often I really do enjoy his company every chance I get. He is actually my first ever Korean friend.

Tonight we just chilled at my place, sipped on some Crown Royal and reminised about the past. He has studied English abroad (in England actually) so we are able to effectively communicate. It's so funny to hear his English accent.............on top of that he always says "bloody" (ie. "Jennie that was so bloody funny"). Since Pj has not been exposed to English since he has returned from abroad, I have agreed to teach him. In return he will help me with my Korean. Our first study date will be Saturday at my house............I hope it goes well.
........AND we musn't forget the sidedish. Korean's NEVER just drink. They always have to eat a snack. At Korean bars, you MUST order a side dish when ordering alcohol.

And I just had to throw this picture in. Believe it or not, it's the same kid. He is so small but packed with so much energy and laughter. He must have gotten his hair permed on the weekend. SUPER CUTE!!!!!!!

KOREAN THOUGHT OF THE DAY - When you consume alcohol with Koreas who are older than you (even if only by a few years), you should turn your body away from them and cover your mouth with your hand when you drink. It is considered rude if you don't do this, unless of course you are among some very very close friends.


Anonymous said...

So... what about that first-kiss story? I want to hear it!

Beloved said...

That's funny about the English with a British accent. When I first met my husband, he had just returned from a year abroad in Australia where he'd roomed with Brits. Well, you can just imagine--it was "G-day mate!" and "bullocks" all the way. Everyone was a bloke, he wore trousers and wanted to buy a lorry. Ee-gads!
That kid is so cute and I never would have guessed it was the same child.