Friday, January 19, 2007

Korean goodness....

Imagine folding tiny pieces of paper into little stars no bigger than the size of your thumb. Well that's what my student do for fun. Origami is a huge thing here. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I do believe they even have origami school.

Hand phones, hand phones everywhere!!!!! I've never had a cell phone in Canada but it seems as soon as I get to this country I can't be without it. EVERYONE HAS ONE, including my 11 year old student; infact he has two. Hand phones here are like wallets -- you would never leave your house without your wallet, so that holds true for your phone as well. In fact, with the advanced technology in this country, you don't even need your wallet. The capacity for such a small little device is outrageous -- not only is this thing used to talk and send messages, but it serves as a TV, MP3 player, Internet, subway card, and credit card!!!!!!!! So I guess you would never want to lose it then either.

This is our whoaaaa it's Friday picture. Unlike most Koreans we get the weekend (full two days) to just chill out and relax. The sweater that I am wearing, which by the way was bought in Canada, is sooooo Korean style. All the Korean teachers at work today were complimenting me on my wardrobe transformation..................just wait till I bring out the leggings and the skirt, ladies!!!!!!!

Thankfully my box that I shipped from Canada about a month and a half ago has arrived here in one piece. Well, that's not entirely true -- it arrived, but not in one peice. And when I opened it I discovered that the eagle brand condensed sweetened milk EXPLODED (which was going to be used for some kick-ass fruit dip in the summer). Yah it was everywhere, but thankfully my dad -- who packed the box -- had everything wrapped in 2 plastic bags, so nothing was harmed.

Some of the stuff that I packed in this box will never be worn, including the jeans that are two sizes to small. What was I thinking?????? At least I have some Western goodies, that you can't find here.

And lastly, here is the trainer at the gym that I used to attend. Don't let his tough look fool you because is just one big teddybear. He is soooo short but very muscular. If it wasn't for him, then I would never have started talking with Sung Hyun. So thanks trainer.......
Korean thought of the day -- Don't point at anyone; this is considered impolite. If you want to beckon someone to come to you, don't use the usual Western gesture. That's the way they call their dogs. Instead, hold your had palm down with the fingers bend downward, and sort of flap your fingers toward you. I know this sounds weird, but trust me, after you see someone do it, it'll make sense.


Anonymous said...

Hopefully the next parcel arrives intact !! Too bad about the Eagle Brand. Maybe Costco has it. Who's the guy in the pic with you? Luv ya,

Anonymous said...

Hey mom, is that you?

That picture was taken at school with one of my co-workers named Jackson. He is one of my better friends at school

-- Love you


Anonymous said...

hey chickie! I came, I saw, I didn't get through the whole thing, but it looks fabulous! and I promise to come by more once I am back from Lloyd. if you want i can send you another letter, but what happened to the one i wrote you last time?!?

Take care babe,

Anonymous said...

Shipping liquids is always risky, especially in winter time (freeze).
Good thinking on your DAD's part.