Tuesday, January 09, 2007


Hello all,

I have arrived in Korea and already started teaching. Right now I am just teaching a winter camp so I have variety of different students at different levels. I'm having a blast in the classroom.

My apartment is pretty good, its 2 different rooms separated by a sliding door. Don't let this fool you, it is still very small. Right now I don't have a computer desk so I am typing this while I lay on the floor.

Korean food is so frickin' spicy (and yes it does smell......different). I spent all day Sunday on the toilet as a result of what I had eaten the day before. Looks like I will have to ease myself into this stuff. Tonight I'm going to Outback Steak House......yummy.....aussi cheese fries, how I've missed you!!!!

My boyfriend is wonderful...........maybe too wonderful. I was a little worried about what would happen with us when I went to Canada, since there is a huge communication gap. But I can report that we had a blast talking to each other on the phone (even if it was 6 am my time). He even wanted to talk to my mom......so cute!!!! When we first met here in Korea, he went crazy, was totally excited, and could not stop looking at me. We have a fantastic time with each other and we're totally in love -- both of us. When we went for dinner the first night he told me that his family wanted to meet me......................AHHHHHH!!!!! If I recall correctly, you only meet the parents of a Korean family if you are seriously committed. When I asked why he replied "they want to meet the girl who has my HEART".

Everything is so overwhelming right now. I miss home a lot just like I did when I first came here. I keep thinking about what I did when I was in Canada, replaying all the good memories........umm ummm ummm (I will never live that one down Sarah, you're too sweet).

That's it for now, gotta hop in the shower and get ready for work.

Take care,


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Beloved said...

Glad to see you made it safe and sound. It'll definitely take some time to adjust; it's so great that you already have a job and a boyfriend there! They'll both keep you plenty busy--ha ha.