Saturday, January 27, 2007


Hello fellow blog fans,

Sorry I have not been blogging lately, but I just feel that I have nothing interesting to write about. So here is some more randomness................

This is my friend DoYoung, he is the most WHITE Korean man that I have met -- all of his friends are white, he likes Western movies, he doesn't like Korean food (or women). And look at his sweater, what does that say??? That's right, CANADA!!!!!!!!!!!

Yesterday I had a craving for Korean food. Lately I have not been eating too much local dishes.............instead I made the mistake of buying a huge bag of mini TWIX at Costco. So yesterday at lunch I insisted that we eat Korean, despite DoYoungs attempt to persuade me otherwise.

I am really sure this big purple thingy loves the fact that I have my arms roped around her/ him/ it, but what can you expect it's just so cute.

I didn't get to hang out with my friend for too long because he was off to teach some other girl Korean...............he double booked ;( But I did leave with 3 Korean DVD's that he brought me as a gift (with English subtitles of course).

This sign reads: " ONLY FORIEGNERS".............this outwardly discrimination is tolerated in Korea. And despite what the sign said, I brought my boyfriend in anyways.

The night consisted of copious amount of alcohol and fun times in Itaewon (foreigners district). And although I don't care for the place I certainly had a fantastic time. The company was was just me, Jackson (picture above) and my lover.

Since I had not been to Itaewon in a long long time. I decided to hit up some of the old bars that I went to about a year ago (Gecko's and Seoul Pub mostly). It was nice to see some familiar faces and be greeted by people who I used to hang with.
By the way, I kicked butt in pocket ball (also known as pool).
KOREAN THOUGHT OF THE DAY -- When handing something to a Korean, offer it with BOTH hands. Never offer anything with the left hand (even if you are left handed); it is considered rude. This includes payments at shops and restaurants. When offered something by a person of a higher status (or someone who is older) always accept it with both hands.

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