Sunday, January 21, 2007


Sunday mornings always start with a home cooked Western breakfast, so this Sunday was no exception!!!!!

Yummy -- a real Canadian breakfast -- pancakes, scrambled eggs with peppers and melted cheese, served with a side of fruit.

After we stuffed our tummies we headed to the Mokdong ice skating rink. This was Sung Hyun's first time ice skating (and believe it or not, he has not even rollarbladed either). After some basics on how to go/stop, there was no stopping him literally. For a guy who has never done this before I was quite impressed. He was almost lapping me.

Skating in Korea is NOT fun...................why you ask???? There are soooo many frickin' people. And to top that off, there are no rules of the road, no slow/fast lane, no apologies for bumping/pushing you over. It really just becomes a game to see how long you can go without having some major problem...........there were several times I came close to running over the little hands of children who had face-planted in the middle of the ice. I almost thought that we should sign some sort of waiver so that we were not sued if we ened up debilitating seriously

These pictures only serve as a slight indication of what I experienced. When I look at them, I think 'oh it doesn't look like there are many people', but in reality it's way worse.

Here is an action shot of the sports man. Once he discovered how good he was at skating he kept saying 'yes I know, I am a sports man.............I am good at all sports" We'll see about that Sung Hyun!!!!!!!!!! In two weeks we are going snowboarding, so we'll see just how good you really are!!!!!!

Here we are posing in the rest area. Or the area that was the least crowded.

Look at me!!!

"I CAN'T STOP!!!!!"

"KIMCHI" on the ice

Time for a well deserved rest.

We started the day with a good meal, so we ended with one too. After skating I made some Chicken Cacciatiory.

........served on a bed or rice with a greek salad............AND kimchi!!!!!
KOREAN THOUGHT OF THE DAY = We Westerners seem to have bubbles around us, the way strangers stay away. You always see people standing a few (or several) feet apart. We don't even have to bump into someone to say 'excuse me'. Just pass someone too closely and you mumble it automatically. NOT IN KOREA!!!! Koreans elbow their way throught crowds and cut in line without a word. In fact, they usually don't bother to form lines at all. You never hear 'excuse me'
The good news is that Koreans don't expect anything different from us. After a while you'll learn to push and jostle as well as they do. You may even get used to not apologizing.


Anonymous said...

Seeing you ice skate reminds me of the first time you took to the rink at the age of four. We just set you down and off you went, just like you were born to skate. SY looks like a natural too. Way to go guys, have fun !!!

Amy Teacher said...

Wow... looks like some great food!
When I was still with my ex, Ryan, we tried to make a western breakfast every weekend, either the Saturday or the Sunday.

BUT... I'm not with him anymore and so I thought I'd introduce Kim Tae to some western breakfast foods. He really loved the French toast, bacon, and omlet I made him. That's the extent of my cooking though.. I love dining out too much...ㅋㅋㅋ.

Now that's Ryan is gone, I have no table... he took it. Jokes on him though cause every meal I eat in with Kim Tae turns into either a sweet picnic or a candlelight picnic on the floor. I love our picnics and so I don't think I'll ever buy a table again, seriously...ㅋㅋㅋ

You should try it... pack up the table, set up some candles and then sit extra close with your sweety... it's sure to keep the spark alive!

No TV allowed! You wouldn't bring a TV on a picnic now would ya!!!

Amy Teacher said...

Hey Jenn,

... this is totally off topic but seeing as you just came back from Canada, I figure you'd know the answer to my question:

How much luggage can I take to Canada (will be there 3 weeks)?

I checked out an earlier entry of yours with the picture of all your bags... so, can I bring one large suitcase, a smaller one, and then a carry on suitcase?