Tuesday, January 02, 2007

5th Annual Christmas Dinner

Here's to our annual Christmas dinner with fun friends, great food and good times!!!! We missed you KIM............

Crystal and Benson, who will celebrate their wedding this summer.

Tracy and Evan happily together

Tanya with her wonderful boyfriend Steve. So sorry about your grandma Tanya, my thoughts are with you my friend.

The only two singles at the party...........that's okay with us, we have more FUN this way ;)

Some pretty sexy ladies

Okay Jen slow down...hehe

Cheesecake at Superstore. Are you two sales reps or what?
Some harmless fun in the store: Hey Sarah some poor person will buy this molested cow. P.S. you look way too happy.
.........especially here


Alexis_the Viking said...

Awwwww I miss you guys too!! The Xmas dinner, its gotta be what the 4th annual? Good times!!!! Have a good trip Jen!!!!

ps. your letter got opened on the 3 day I got to london!! It was a rough first week' Thanks for all your kind words :) they would have made me cry, if I wasn't crying already!!! Its all good now though :) Talk to you soon
Love kim

Sarah said...

Ohhhh Jen never a dull moment when I am wit you! You forgot to tell people I was ur date....are you ashamed of that, LOL! Thanks for the invite to the dinner, I am glad that we had some great nites to spend together! Oh and I didn't forget what you said about me comin to visit....I have already started a fund, jus for the plane ticket of course!