Saturday, December 23, 2006

Time to decorate....

Okay so this post is a little old, since we decorated the house about 3 weeks ago. But at least I have gotten the pictures up before Christmas.

Here I am decorating the fake Christmas tree (or pretending to decorate)

Actually my mom did most of the work, but let me take all the credit

See what a wonderful job I did!!!!

Every year my mom sets up her mini village. She has been collecting more and more pieces every year to add to it.

Her are the ice skaters

The women and two children watching the train de-rail

The children play in the park at school

The rich doctor and his wife singing Chrismas carols outside their house

Main Street

Can you find the boy burried in a snow pile?

The tiny village at night

Be careful where you are going train

TA - DA!!!!


Charlie's Entertainment said...

BEAUTIFUL! Beautiful Christmas tree and beautiful mini village. By the way, are they gonna be detroyed after Christmas? They are too beautiful for taking them away. How about displaying them throughout the year? :)

Charlie's Entertainment said...

One more, the video clip makes me feel like being with you. It's good to hear your voice as well.

Amy Teacher said...

Cool mini village... sorry to hear about the derailing train though! Hope you're driving..ha, ha, ha.

Glad to see that you're having a great time in the Great White North during this Christmas season. Christmas hasn't really hit Korea and it definitely didn't hit my house here...hmm. But anyways, eat lots of festive goodies and sing lots of carols.

All the best for the season.