Monday, December 25, 2006


Oh what a day.......
....... I decided to surprise my mom while she was at work so I prepared, plated and cooked all the food that we had planned for our annual Christmas house party. It took me all day, but I certainly had a blast.

Presentation is my favorite part.

Hint: Never put the same coloured vegetables beside each other

Then my friend Kristin came over and we exchanged Christmas gifts. It was hard for her to shop for me because it had to be small enough to pack with me to Korea. She got me some LaSenza panties and little food mix packages that I could take to Korea, when I had a craving for Western food.

And then at 7:30 the guests started to arrive. Every year the Wards come over after they do a sparkle tour of the city. Basically they drive around too see all the pretty Christmas lights. Then they come to our house for some drinks and munchies. This year I even planned some games for us to play.

The three kids pretending to get along. Wow, pictures are deceptive

This is only his first drink and he already has spilt it all down the front of his shirt. That's it, you're cut off!!!

That's my brother on the left. He sure does clean up pretty nice -- what a cutie (hehe). The lady on the right is my moms best friend.

My mom and dad lurking in the distance.


This is what happens when you eat too much ;)

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Anonymous said...

I am in awe of your blog. I didn't realize you could do so many things with it. It is amazing. I'll be checking it regularly as well as reading the e-mails you send to Dave.
Take care.
Your Mom's Best Friend