Sunday, December 17, 2006


Because I made the big decision to go back to Korea, I had to leave behind a very good friend.

As most of you know I have been part of the Canadian Naval Reserve for just over 6 years now. It has been an anchor (no pun intended) for me. I was always guaranteed a great (lucrative) summer job while I was going through university, while most of my friends scrambled to get those competative government summer positions. I never had to worry about money, because whenever I needed some I would just go on course for a few days to make some extra pocket change. I met some amazing people and was part of a loving family.

Unfortunately I had to choose between my military job and my teaching position in Korea. The decision was hard to make and came with a lot of thought. After I had made the decision to return to Korea many people tried to convince me to stay here. They didn't understand why I would go back to a one-year teaching job that is not considered a career. For some reason I just know in my heart that I need to return to Korea, which of course requires me to make a lot of sacrifices. Let's hope that everything will be okay.
Yesterday was my last day with everyone -- we had a Christmas dinner party. When I left I felt kinda sad, as if I was getting a divorce (not that I know what that feels like, or wish to ever experience it). I was sad to hang up my hat with the military, but at the same time I am anxious to see where my life in Korea will lead me. Oh, the many possibilities..........

Thankfully I didn't have to cook the dinner. Instead I got to sit back and enjoy it.

What's a Christmas dinner without funny cracker hats?

A few drinks with some fellow Navy friends

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Beloved said...

Such an exciting time in your life! I remember the night before my flight to Korea (where I planned to spend a year and ended up spending six and very unexpectedly acquiring a husband in the process) I had a black nightmare. It was literally black. In the dream the whole world was black; it was like I'd gone blind. Thank goodness it wasn't a premonition of any sort and things obviously turned out wonderful. It was just very hard for me to make that move so I know where you're coming from. Can't wait to follow your life in Korea.