Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Bonding time with dad

Today was special because my dad taught me how to make chili. Now this is no ordinary stuff, in fact he even has a name for it -- TBWFC!!!!! What does it stand for you ask..........Tim Burton's World Famous Chili..........haha. This is the only meal in the house that my dad cooks and when he does he certainly likes to get a pat on the back for it. My mom just mumbles away because the other 355 days of the week she does the cooking. Anyways, this chili is seriously super yummy, but not so healthy. Yah I thought it would be until I discovered all of the so called secret ingredients, all of which add to the flavour but also to your waist size. The whole process took just over 2 hours and of course he had me do all the grunt work (cutting and cleaning). Now that I know what is in this TBWFC I can take the receipe back to Korea so that I can start marketing it there (haha). Well I plan on making it for my boyfriend at least.
Here we are slaving away

Since I am a cook, I thought that I would make some delicious spagetti as well. Should I call this Jennifer Burton's World Famous Spegetti??? I think not!!!!

Here is a peak at the chili in the beginning stages. Don't be fooled by all the veggies, we add the beef at a later time. My dad has actually won a lot of chili cook off competitions and seriously is thinking of marketing this stuff (I'm not kidding)

Here I am working my butt off...........

Here is my dad pretending to work................hehe.

So for those of you who wish to try is dish then give me a hollar and I will save a bowl for you. See for yourself how good it really is.


JENNA said...

Nice smile!

Jennipal -- doing it Korean style said...

Sweet, thanks Jenna.....