Monday, November 27, 2006


So despite my efforts of attending the gym routinely I still have not seen results. Why is this? Well, I have been snapping photos of the food that I have been eating as of late and when I compiled it all together in this post, I soon discovered why things are not looking so well. Judge for yourself............

Chicken Caesar wrap with bacon and extra sauce
Pepperoni, green pepper and mushroom pizza
Crunchy Chicken cheese wrap with potatoe fries
Chicken fingers with fries and dipping sauce
beef and rice from Edo Japan
THE GREAT CANADIAN BURGER!!!!!! (side of rice)
Greek salad (the best in the city)
home cooked roast beef, mashed potatoes, green beans, and brown bread (and gravy) .................okay I did alright on this one but only one out of these seven meals is healthy....................ANSWER TO MY WEIGHT LOSS DIFFICULTIES SOLVED ;(


Anonymous said...

i just use google video.. you can login to upload a video realy easily, and then they give you a link that you just pop into your blog...
super easy ;)

see you in a month or so!

Gdog said...

OK, I'm seriously getting hungry now. Edo sounds good right about now!