Sunday, November 05, 2006

A trip to Costco.......

Here I am ready to go

Well, for those of you who have ever been abroad and forced to eat the local food, then you know sometimes it is important to find food that reminds you of home. Being in Korea I often frequented the Costco, because it was here that I was able to find a little taste of home. They carried cheddar cheese, canned tuna, salsa and some other familiar Western goodies.

So now that I am back in Canada I decided to make a trip to the local Costco to see just how similar it is to Korea. We ventured out of our house at 9:00 am so that we could arrive there when the doors opened, since my mom warned me of the possible RUSH of people. The atmosphere was the same but it was missing something -- THE PEOPLE!!!!!

Here is my car in the parking lot

Where is everyone??? The aisles are so big......

The candy section is my favorite!!!

How can you forget the chocolate bars???

There's no one in line :)

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