Sunday, November 26, 2006


Now this was cool. All you Koreans would really enjoy this because it is something that is so far from your reality and what you experience daily. I live in Canada in a province known as Saskatchewan. Our province is very very flat and open, and it is famous for farming. I am a city girl and have not really taken part in farm stuff, so I decided that I should go to the annual rodeo held in my city. This was my first time at such an even, so I was snapping picture and taking videos like crazy. Take a look at some of the things I got to see.

Check out this dangerous bull riding. The object is to hold on for 8 seconds while kicking your sharp boots into the bull to make it jump all over.

Here there are 2 cowboys riding horses and one of them jumps of his horse to wrestle with the steer

This is called team roping. One cowboy ropes around the cows neck and the other around the two back feet

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