Friday, November 24, 2006

Pasta Perfect!!!

My mom and I needed a little taste of Italy so we headed to our all-time-favourite pasta place in the city, "East Side Marios". -- lo and behold it's in the East end.

Unlimited salad (or soup) plus fresh garlic loaf ................ that's a recipe for DANGER!!!!!

Here is my mom's linguine chicken amatriciana (with rose sauce).

And I gobbled **burp** my linguine chicken tettrazzini (with alfredo sauce).

Since I haven't used chopsticks in almost a month I decided to bring them out tonight and slurp up my meal like a typical Korean (although I don't know how much my mom liked my rude table manners, sorry mom :( My hand was sore when I finished my pasta and it brought back memories of my first time attempts at using 2 sticks to eat. There were time that I fumbled around with them and even dropped them on the floor. Korean ladies would bring me a fork as they cringed at my attempts to use them. But it wasn't too long before I caught on and could do anything with them -- from picking up a single grain of rice to holding on to chicken (bone included). I have mastered the art, if you wish, of using these tools, but I am amazed at how easy such skills are lost. I guess that means I will be eating more meals with chopsticks!!!!

More to come on food.............stay tuned for some pictures of what we 'Westerners' eat (this is for all my Korean friends out there -- all 3 of you..........haha).

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