Saturday, November 25, 2006


So after dinner with my mom, I headed over to a cool pub in my neighbourhood. I was with my dear friend Kenda, whom I've know for my entire life, and some of her close friends. It was nice to just sit back to have a drink.

My friend Corrie from highschool just found out today that she was accepted into the Regina Police Service, after a long exhastive elimination process. She was super excited that all her waiting was over and still found it unreal that she would be starting her career (clearly something that I am not even thinking about now). So because of the good news she had some friends over for some beers to celebrate.

The two Jen's

Corrie on the left, Jennifer on the right

Corrie and me in her apartment

Congrats Corrie, you will make an excellent police officer!!!!!!

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Beloved said...

Hey Jennifer,

I saw your comment on Between Pee and Kimchi and decided to check out your blog. It looks great--so many fabulous pictures!

I loved reading some of your older posts about your time in Korea. I was there from '96-'02 and married a native. We're living in the U.S. now, though. We celebrated 7 years of marriage (and 10 years of being together) this fall. I'll be back to check out your blog again.