Friday, October 27, 2006


Today was my last day with my students ;( I did really well up until I had to say my good-byes and then I lost it. My owner asked me at the end of the day why I was so sad. There is no doubt that teachers have an effect on students. All of us remember our favourite teachers and we certainly DON'T forget our worst. Well students also have an effect on teachers. Afterall these children have been my family for the last 8+ months. I have seen them grow tremendously over the past year and am proud of how far they have come. So here they are on my last day of classes --

HALLOWEEN singing time


Carving pumpkins

The student who is right next to me has an ajushe face (in other words he looks like an older Korean man). He is so full of energy and is a blast to teach. Everyday he kisses me and tells me that he is my boyfriend. He crys almost every class because he often falls behind (mostly because he wants to help the other students). Anyways, when I told him that I was going to Canada he was the only student who didn't seem to be affected. Even on the last day of class when we were saying our good-byes he kept saying 'that's okay teacher, thats ok'. When I dropped him off at the elevator right before he left he finally broke down and cried. He covered his face balled and would not let go of me. That's when I knew that I had made an impact in his life, just as he has on mine!!!!!!!

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