Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Drum Festival

Well time is running out so I am trying to take advantage of every cultural event before I leave here. I am really interested in the Korean culture, customs and its language so when I return next year I want to focus more on my studies as oppose to just working. I miss being in university, so even if I don't study next year at school, I have still decided to keep up with my writing. What better way to do that then compose a book of my experiences focusing on everything this country has to offer (and not offer for that matter). Hopefully, the political situation occuring right now in North Korea will not stand in the way of my goal for the year to come (I'm keeping my fingers crossed).

Anyways, on Saturday I met with Charlie again to hangout and catch up on life. We went for dinner at a pizza resturant and had a nice discussion about Korean politics. We even talked about my interst in studying Korea Hangul next year. He gladly said he would help me when he could afford the time. It's so nice to have people here who are willing to help you out and make your life easier (especially when they don't expect anything in return). After dinner we went to a Drum Festival for a few hours and enjoyed the music and wonderful light display. Have to say I had a great time.

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Anonymous said...

Excellent pictures !!! Quite spectacular. Almost as good as the Stones concert. haha