Monday, October 30, 2006


There was this really cool robot in the Incheon Airport in Seoul. It would wander around and stop when it sensored people, then asked you if you needed help. Just touch the screen on the top and you could find anything you needed to find in the airport at your fingertips -- talk about technology.

The airplane ride back home sucked. I was coughing up a fit and just when I thought all was well this ajuma (older Korean woman) had her feet sprawled across me for the duration of the flight.

The WELCOME BACK greeting at the airport was AWESOME. My mom, dad, brother and 6 of my girlfriends greeted me with a warm hugs. Thanks gals...........after spending the night with you I certainly realized how much I missed my friends while I was gone. You are all important to me.

I have brought the Korean peace sign back to Canada

My university friend Kristin and I used to study together and we would always go to DQ to get blizzards. I missed the heart to heart conversations that was used to have while we ate our yummy treats. So when I was in Korea all we talked about was how she would have to meet me at the airport with icecream. Well I didn't think it would actually happen, but sure enough here she came with treats in hand -- delicious just like I remember!!!!!!!!

Yummy blizzards, how could I have survived a year without you?

The first thing I noticed was how BIG everyone's eyes were. Well they certainly didn't grow over the last year but they appeared to be very large since I am so used to associating with Koreans and their small eyes (and small other things -- no details, hehe). Now that I am back in Canada, my eyes are considered smaller than normal and I am no longer special ;(

When I walked out of the airport it was FRICKIN' COLD and sure enough there was snow to be found on the ground. So much for my bright idea of wearing Korean style flip flops.

After the warm greeting we all headed to dinner. My first Western dinner and I insisted we brought out the infamous Korean KIMCHI. I enjoyed it and even put it in my burger. The others weren't too happy when they discovered it smelled up one side of the restaurant.


Other things I have noticed are how BIG everything (including people) is. The portion sizes of the meal was about twice the size of what I was used to. Even my fridge and pop bottles at home seemed overly large. Korean fridges are tiny and soda comes in 1.5 Litres, not 2 litre bottles.

ohhhhhh.......big size!!!!

So what is in my fridge???

Driving home was bizzare too. So much space and sky. No big buildings to block me in and make me feel entrapped. I have come accustomed to life in a big city so it felt really awkward to be in such wide open spaces.

Here I am in my kitchen



Anonymous said...

We are glad you are back home.
Hope you enjoy your short stay here.

Anonymous said...

Great post about your trip back... It seems almost surreal to someone who has known you only in a Korean context to see you with your friends and family back in Canada. I hope you're having a great time ^-^

And thanks, I like the new jacket too ;)