Sunday, September 03, 2006

Soccer Game

On Saturday night I had the opportunity to watch (or should I say experience) the Korean soccer team play against Iran. It was a really hot day so I stated my walk to the subway with a drink, which I thought was Gatorade. Instead I got some "Original, American Style Taste Mountain Dew"

And the verdict is -- Yup it tastes the same:

When I got there I met with a Korean guy named Charlie. It was our first meeting and he seems to be a really nice person. I look forward to hanging with him again.

And here we are at half-time:


The national anthem:

The crowd goes wile when Korea scores its first goal:

The crowed subway ride home:

Overall I had a good time. Korea was up one point the whole game until the last 10 seconds of the second half when Iran came back to tie it up. It was an exhilarating experience but kinda disappointing at the end. Nonetheless, it was a very exciting day!!!!!!

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Charlie's Entertainment said...

i'm also happy you had a great time