Friday, September 08, 2006

A Refreshing Drink!!!!!

I stopped by the local convience shop by my house to pick up some water and stumbled across this drink made by Minute Maid. I decided to give it a try because where else in the world would I be able to enjoy this beautiful mix of aloe and collegen (that is unless they have this drink in Canada and I am completely oblivious).

So after I forked out 1200 won ($1.20.....very expensive for the small size) I tried it. The taste was better than expected (I mean I thought it would taste like a plant or something of that sort). It was kinda sweet and had chunks of something (perhaps aloe) in it.

So the next time you see some Minute Maid Premium Aloe Collagen + give it a try!!!!!!!


JENNA said...

LOL I will!!!!!

Mel said...

I loved that stuff. I miss it, one of the many things. And yes, it is pieces of Aloe in it. It's supposed to be good for your skin, but has quite a bit of sugar. Which maybe isn't good for your new fitness regime!