Wednesday, September 20, 2006


This past Saturday I had the opportunity to hang out with my korean friend Charlie. He is super busy with his studies because he is studying to write the National Teachers Examination, in hopes of becoming an English teacher with the Korean Public School Board. Like most Koreans he studies 12 hours a day 6 days a week, so I was lucky to have the chance to see him.

We met at the subway and walked across the 'rainbow bridge' to an small island called Soenyu-do. This island used to be a water processing plant but got converted to a quiet little park -- with trees and grass and no cars, along with a cute little restaurant with a nice view of the river.

We got there just in time to check out a free rock concert. Well the end of a free rock concert because she was on her last song.

It soon became gloomy, which created a nice atmosphere for the pictures:

I like talking to Charlie and I especially like learning about Korean culture, so overall it was a fun time!!!!


After we finished with the 63 building, we decided to hit up Yongsan Station (part of the subway) and do some shopping. After prusing through some stores we happened to be there at the right time to catch an english flick. Now, since the selection is not vast we settled on United 93 (a movie about the 911 tragedy that happened in NewYork in 2001). The movie was just okay; it didn't have too much of a personal side to it like I had hoped, rather it focused more on depictiting the actual events.

After the movie both of us were hungry so we opted for some sushi. It was a first time for the both of us. The atmosphere was really neat and I enjoyed watching all the little food dishes being passed along the conveyor. I think that was more fun than actually eating the food!!

Here we are all nice and happy before we start

The low down -- so basically you just take the plates that look appealing to you and you pay by the color reference. All of the plates are color coded so it is easy to keep track of how much you are spending

This happy chef was trying so hard to talk with me in english. You could tell that he was nervous to speak, but excited at the same to to actually talk with a foreigner. Our conversation first started because he called me gorgea .........................jorjus............................ gurues..........gorjus............WHAT?*!!?% Finally he said 'you are beautiful', which is when it occured to me that he was trying to say 'gorgeous'.........haha only in Korea

Here's a look at some of the yummy food we got to sample:

This fish that Sung Hyun is eating is supposed to increase male stamina -- he ate two ;)

The end result -- Ta-da!!!!!!

WHAT $50!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I guess it was harder to keep track of how much we spent. As you can see we kinda went wild.

After dinner we walked around for a bit and stopped to listen to a live band that was playing outside for a while. We snapped a few pictures of us at a waterfall, but for some reason I was unable to upload them. After a busy day we headed back to my place on the scooter to RELAX!!!!

Monday, September 18, 2006


So I have a ton of pictures to share with all of my fans, from last weekend and this past weekend. Unfortunately my internet is working extremely slow, so I am unable to upload them at the moment. Hopefully eveything will be back to normal soon.

In the mean time here is something to think about. This is what I wrote when I could not sleep:


The conceptualization of time is an imperative notion in the world today. Whether it is measured in seconds, minutes, days, weeks, months or even years, the ideology of time exists. With every breath we take, every thought we think, every movement we make, one thing remains certain: this nonspatial continuum in which events occur in apparently irreversible succession from the past to the present to the future – that which we call time – exists (for lack of a better word). There is simply no way to escape it.

In today’s day and age we live in a society that is not only aware of time and everything that goes along with it, but we are both obsessed and consumed by this simple system of intervals. Heaven forbid if we have to wait in a fast-food line up for more than five minutes, or if we have to get a book out at the library to do our research, for instance. On a more personal note, what if I had just walked a little faster down the stairs to catch the subway that I missed by only a split second, unaware of the fact that another train would be arriving in less than 5 minutes. In this fast paced, high tech society, time is of the essence. After all time is money, right?

If this is the case, then why do humans (me in particular) waste so much time? I create more work for myself then need be (hence I am not very productive), I spend too much time thinking instead of doing, and I certainly sleep longer than I should. But if time is so important in our lives, then let’s take a minute (or whatever you can spare) to think about the concept of what some like to call free time? What exactly is free time? Is this a period, point, duration, succession, of space that we get to use as desired? If so, then are we to feel guilty, happy, unsuccessful, lazy, joyous, and so forth if we use this so called free time to do as WE please? Do I really waste my day if I lie in bed with my pajamas on watching television?

I like to think of myself as a very time conscious person. I am rarely, if ever, late for a meeting, appointment, or work. I am always checking the clock throughout the day aware of what time it is and I certainly feel lost if I don’t have my watch on. I can’t wait for the weekend to begin, and when it finally comes I don’t know what to do with all my time. I must admit that my time management skills are lacking. But can anyone ever grasp the concept of time in its entirety? It’s quite clear that what happened in the past is in the past. But that is not what I am referring to. Rather, our perception of time changes as we age; a year is a lot longer for someone who is 22 as opposed to 55, and a day is a lot shorter to someone who is about to die than someone who is just born.

When we want time to speed up it goes by slowly, yet when we want time to slow down it speedily passes by without warning. Yet in all actuality it remains constant and consistent. A minute is sixty seconds no matter how you look at it – that remains a fact. We want to grow up fast so that we can become mature and responsible adults, yet we wish we were younger or that we had the ability to stop time. Can we ever find a balance? It definitely would be interesting to examine how our society would operate if there was no such thing as time – or at least less emphasis and importance placed on this idea of time.

So what can we make of all this time nonsense? Well one thing is for sure; we are only given so much time on this earth and we are never certain when that time is up. It will pass second by second, whether we want it to or not so the best we can do is to make the most of what is given to us and live life with no regrets.

……… okay that’s it for now, it’s past my bed time……..

Thursday, September 14, 2006


So after we had some fun playing with the animals we went up to the 6th floor of the building (in this cool glass elevator) to check out the observations deck. I just so happed to be a fabulous day outside (blue skies to boot). It was really neat to be able to view all of Seoul!!!!!

Here is the Han River:

Rows and roes of apartment complexes -- no houses!!!!!!!

DON'T LOOK DOWN............

This hall was kinda cool because it would change colours:

Rest stop:

"Hey, there is my apart" (which is what Koreans call apartment)

Dong Mul -- also known in english as 'shit water'

Icecream time -- whoa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, September 11, 2006


By the time I dragged my butt outta bed, went to the gym and had lunch I thought my weekend was nearly over. I CERTAINLY WAS WRONG!!!!!!!!!!! Instead of having a lazy Sunday I decided that I needed to do some exploring. I called my boyfriend Sung Hyun, and we hopped on his scooter and headed to the 63 building (which I believe is the tallest building in Seoul???).
We started with Seaworld which is located in the basement. Here we got to look at and even play with some of the insects and animals.
A funky fish:
Baby JAWS:
"Hey, play with me":
Rainbow fish:
Did you forget to eat lunch?? Sung Hyun pretending to eat the crab:
Sung Hyun thought it would be cool to knock this turtle on the head, over and over and over --poor guy:

Friday, September 08, 2006


So right now my life in Korea is stress free (and knowing that it is kinda bothersome to me). As most of you know me I like to be busy because I work better that way. During the time when I was at university, if I went our for a night I always had that impending feeling that I really should be a home doing a paper or studying. The other night I went out with my new friend Charlie to the Korean soccer game and I felt GREAT. There was nothing in the back of my mind that said I should be studying or doing some prep work for school. I was simply able to just enjoy myself.

Or was I?????

Now the more I started to think about it the more I freaked. Should live be this easy? Should I feel guilty about having a good time? This feeling of enjoyment is so bizzare for me because it is probably the first time in my life (that I can remember) where I can wake up and say that I truly 100% look-forward to my entire day. I get a lot of sleep (oh, and I love my sleep). I go to school and start teaching at 10. I LOVE MY KIDS and am so happy to be around them. After work I head to the gym and watch my favorite television show while I workout. I head to the free sauna in the basement of the gym and relax in a giagantic hot tub. I get back to my apartment and cook my lunch and dinner for the next day and then usually play around on the computer for a bit or read (gasp!!!!!! yah I read for fun). I really like the routine I have created here and on top of that I have an amazing boyfriend that I get along with so well. We don't fight, we don't argue, we don't play those stupid dating games with one another..................we simply enjoy each others presence. WOW, LIFE IS WONDERFUL!!!!!!


To add a curve ball and make it more interesting I have decided to take part in a 30 day commitment to ummmmm..........ummmmm 'getting fit'. I created this contract where I have stick to a routine of eating healthy and working out for 30 days (and that includes no drinking). I wanted to do this to TEST myself and see if I am able to stick to it, regardless of how much outside pressure I face. And now that I have posted this on my website I MUST stick to it........haha.

I have been making my own lunches and dinners for the past week and it feels great to finally cook again. I made some fresh bean and tofu soup and froze it. I took some pictures of my stuff but was unable to upload them on to this site.

Anyways, I picked a bad month to do this test beacuse every week we get pizza at our school in celebration of the teachers birthdays. And I LOVE pizza!!!!!!!!!! I am on day 8 of this 30 day thing and so far so good. Wish me luck....................

A Refreshing Drink!!!!!

I stopped by the local convience shop by my house to pick up some water and stumbled across this drink made by Minute Maid. I decided to give it a try because where else in the world would I be able to enjoy this beautiful mix of aloe and collegen (that is unless they have this drink in Canada and I am completely oblivious).

So after I forked out 1200 won ($1.20.....very expensive for the small size) I tried it. The taste was better than expected (I mean I thought it would taste like a plant or something of that sort). It was kinda sweet and had chunks of something (perhaps aloe) in it.

So the next time you see some Minute Maid Premium Aloe Collagen + give it a try!!!!!!!

Tuesday, September 05, 2006


So I moved into my new place a few weeks ago and now I am finally unpacked. One of the conditions to me staying longer was to switch apartments because Liz wanted the new teacher to take over my old apt (which is close to her place). I wasn't looking forward to the move but it gave me an opportunity to sort through all of my stuff and do some down-sizing for my big move back to Canada in 2 months and counting.........
After all was said and done I actually enjoy my new space more, so in the end things worked out in my favor.
Welcome to my new home
This is the view of my apartment as soon as you walk in:

And the infamous single-bed:

The view from my bed:

Hurray for the kitchen, which is oh so big:

Surprisingly I can fit all my clothes in this bureau:

Let's watch some Korean T.V -- hey it looks like my bear is waving at you (and I did not intend for that):

Is that a helmet on my bookshelf??? My boyfriend bought a scooter so that he can easily get to my place now that I live farther away from him. He bought me this cute little helmet so that I can ride on the back with him:

My cozy corner:

Well that's the grand tour. I couldn't upload the pics of my bathroom but it is much bigger than my old one, but I still don't have a bathtub. The shower water drain directly onto the floor (totally Korean style).

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Soccer Game

On Saturday night I had the opportunity to watch (or should I say experience) the Korean soccer team play against Iran. It was a really hot day so I stated my walk to the subway with a drink, which I thought was Gatorade. Instead I got some "Original, American Style Taste Mountain Dew"

And the verdict is -- Yup it tastes the same:

When I got there I met with a Korean guy named Charlie. It was our first meeting and he seems to be a really nice person. I look forward to hanging with him again.

And here we are at half-time:


The national anthem:

The crowd goes wile when Korea scores its first goal:

The crowed subway ride home:

Overall I had a good time. Korea was up one point the whole game until the last 10 seconds of the second half when Iran came back to tie it up. It was an exhilarating experience but kinda disappointing at the end. Nonetheless, it was a very exciting day!!!!!!

Science and Art

The science project of this week was to learn about carbon dioxide so I had the class make some soda pop. Instead of putting in only one scoop of soda I had them put in about 5 and then we put the lids on and watched them pop off. If you look carefully in the first picture you will see the lid in the air.
1........2.........3........POP!!!! check out the faces on my kids:

Oh crap now I have to clean up this mess:

Look at what I made all by myself: