Thursday, August 17, 2006

Thai food

Pic of me eating some kinda of exotic fruit -- pink on the outside, white and black in the middle.
For the most part Liz and myself fell in love with Thai food from the very beginning. Now I did not eat Thai food until I got to Korea but an average meal shared between two people would run about $40 ($20 per person). In Thailand we could get truly authentic Thai food for about $4 a plate . It was fabulous................

............. up until we had a really bad day of Thai food. Both our lunch and our dinner was not delicious. It's not like we ordered anything different then usual; we just went to the wrong restaurants at the wrong time. The next meal we had was Mexican food, which I thought was delicious, but Liz found it to be just alright (since she is from Arizona -- so close to real Mexican food). It took us a few days to get back into the swing of eating Thail food. In the mean time we enjoyed an outstanding fillet steak topped with mushrooms in a red wine sauce. Best steak I have ever had -- sorry dad :(

Here are some of the local dished we ate while we were in Thailand.