Thursday, August 17, 2006

My Kids

I love my kids and most days I can honestly say I love my job. Before coming to Korea I never really had the opportunity to work with children so I was a little nervous about teaching little 5-year olds (especially since they spoke no english). At first it was really difficult because I didn't have much patience. I remember after the first two classes on my first day, I sat at my desk with my head down and thought that there was no way I could do this for a whole year. As time passed they really grew on me and became part of my family. When I went to Thailand I actually missed them. Everytime they act up or are out of control I threaten to get them a new teacher. I wonder how they will be when the new teacher comes????

I love to snap pictures of my students with my camera. I usually bring it everyday in my purse but the one time I forgot it my little kindie had a shirt on that said: "Join the MARINS -- travel to exotic new places, meet interesting people and kill them"

Here are some of my students:

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