Tuesday, August 01, 2006


So Liz and I hopped in a taxi after work and rushed to the airport for our long awaited journey. I was pouring rain and our taxi dropped us off short from where our stop was so basically both of us got soaking wet. Good start right????

We we arrived at the airport we planned on having a nice birthday dinner but since I didn't bring any money we spent our time searching for an ATM machine in the airport.

Our first mishap occured right at the airport. When I went to take money from the ATM the machine would not allow me. I managed to find another machine but this time it ATE my card. Yah. I know this is something that you hear about from a friend of a friend or something that only happens in movies; but no, it happens to me, on my birthday, when I only have 40 min to bording.

Needless to say we go the problem all sorted out after some airport banker guy took the machine apart to retrieve my card.

The fun has already begun............

Our flight was okay but you could totally tell that the airline was catered towards Asians because there was no leg room. Perhaps if I told them it was my birthday then I might have gotten a free upgrade to first class -- but I wasn't really on the ball.

We arrived safe and sound in Bangkok Thailand and we were able to exchange our Korean Won for some Baht. We took a taxi to Kohsam Road which is apparently the place to be. The taxi ride was interesting because it was the first time I have ridden in a car where the driver was on the opposite side. After nervously walking around for 30 min. we stopped at a guesthouse for the night -- room with air con and shower for about $12.


-- 'WOW' I am in Thailand???? Doesn't seem like it!!!!
-- Thai people look dirty (I guess I am just used to fair skinned Koreans)
-- How much is a Baht???? Was our cab ride a good deal or did we get screwed over?
-- I was expecting to see more lights and hustle and bustle you would expect from a big city.

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Anonymous said...

Wow, sounds like your trip isn't off to a great start, but hopefully since you wrote this things have changed for the better! Can't wait to see your pics, and I am looking forward to seeing you soon!!

- Marie