Monday, August 14, 2006

Day 9 -- Back to Bangkok

.....and what a day it was!!!!! The day started with a free breakfast at our guesthouse and then we were off to conquer Bangkok First, we walked to Grand Palace. They had a dress code so we changed into long pants and shirts while we did our tour -- it was so HOT!!!!!
The palace was very beautiful; nothing I have ever seen before. It was full of bright gold colors and elaborate designs. Simply by walking around the palace we got the true Thailand feeling -- this is what we expected Thailand to be. In one of the buildings we saw an Emeral Buddha up on a thrown. All the Thai people were bowing and praying to this statue. Before we entered we had to take off our shoes and there was a sign that said "don't point your feet at the Buddha" -- kinda bizzare. I was quite spectacular but unforunatly I was unable to take pictures inside.

After we walked around for a while we headed to another tourist spot and saw a huge Buddha made of gold. It is know as the 'sleeping Buddha' because it is laying on its side. We snaped some photos and headed off to our next destination because we had a lot to do.

We decided that it would be quite interesting to take a boat ride along the river to our next stop. Basically everyone piles onto this boat and you stand there all crammed into one another until some lady walks by selling you tickets. Liz and I were suposed to get off at stop #1 but we didn't realize that there were two #1 stops. We got off one stop early and frantically turned around and started running back to the boat to hop back on. Even though the boat driver saw that we were attempting to get back on he still took off without us. As Liz jumped up to leap for the boat (that was now in motion) she tripped and did this big dramatic fall. I remember seeing her flying through the air with her arms flayling right before she thumped to the ground, just as everyone turned around and gasped at what had just happened. Poor Liz really hurt her ankle and was wobbling around for the next few days limping like an old lady. Thankfully this was the second last day of our vacation.

After the big fiascle we found our way back onto the boat and manaded to exit at the proper stop. The first thing on our agenda to buy was a foot wrap and some pain medication. Despite my friends ankle we both managed to push through the day to do some more exploring.

First we saw some Thai rock group performing on the street but we decided to hit up another location because the shopping in that area was too expensive. We rode in the skytrain to the day market and bough some goodies that were in our price range. It was here that I decided to eat a GRASSHOPPER. Apparently Thai people enjoy eating all sorts of bugs as a snack. One of the Thai ladies offered me a grasshopper and I figured that I couldn't turn it down -- if they eat them then it can't be that bad after all. AND IT WASN'T!!!! But that is coming from someone who used to play with and eat several different types of insects when I was little.

Just as we headed onto the subway to go to the night marked in another area we bumped into some Koreans. Just when we thought we had escaped Korea we were wrong. The two guys we met were kinda relieved that they could associate with 2 girls that they had something in common with them. They invited us out to dinner and we spent the next one hour trying to find a non-Thai food restaurant. The poor Korean boys sure missed their loved Kimchi. We settled on an expensive Frence restaurant and our two new friends chomped on their food and slurped up their meals just as if they were back home (only problem is that in Thailand -- along with most of the world -- making noise while eating is very rude).

After dinner we went to an outdoor pub for some local Thai beer and CONNECT FOUR. Yup, we taught the Koreans how to play connect four and they whipped out butts. It was kinda exciting and we broke into teams; that's when the competition got heated. Next we headed to another place (round 2). This time we dance up a storm at a club just down the street. We powered on until 3:00am and the Korean guys insisted that they would not leave until we were safely put into our cab (this is so Korean style).

We didn't make it to any ping-pong bars as we hoped. These are basically clubs designed for men. You sit around watching interesting things that women can do with their &%**#$ (throw darts, blow out candles -- from what we have heard).

Today we used many modes of transportation -- walking, skytrain, subway, taxi, and tuk-tuk (motorized cart).

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