Monday, August 07, 2006


Today Liz lost her bank card and now she has only about $25. She has been running around frantically trying to figure out a way for her mom to wire her some money. It's kinda funny how we both are having money problems on this vacation. First my card gets eaten by the ATM and now Liz lost hers.........but this is just all part to the adventure.......right????

I the afternoon we took a cab to Chaeweng Beach to check out the shopping. It is certainly a happening place compared to Lamai Beach were we are staying. Luckly Liz straightened out her money issues even though it consumed some of our day.

For dinner we had fillet (since we were kinda sick of eating Thai food). It only cost us about $10 a plate and it was the best steak I have ever had (SORRY DAD!!!!!) We ended the night at the local pub listening to some live music while sipping on some Mah Thai's.

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