Monday, August 07, 2006

DAY 4 -- The Jungle Club & Thai Boxing

The days are starting to blend into one and I never have a clue what time it is. When we stopped off at the Camel Toe last night we talked to the owner and he suggested that we go to this remote place called The Jungle Club. Since we had nothing to do we decided to check it out, even thought we had no clue what to expect......

..... It was INCREDIBLE!!!!!

We rode up this rocky hill in a small jeep and when we arrived at the top we were in the jungle. Yes, an actual jungle that overlooked the island. The view was breathtaking and I couldn't even begin to explain what I saw. This was the tropical paradise that I always imagined in my head; the ultimate UTOPIA and I got to experience it first hand.

We ate lunch under a gazibo that overlooked the beach we were staying at. WOW!!!!!! That's all I really can say about that. We took a dip in the pool and drank PIMS (lemonade, cucumber, mint leaves with Pims alcohol) for our first time with 4 other girls that we met there.

The weather was crappy because there was a heavy down pour so it was nice to sit under a big canopy and look at the amazing view.

This is a great place for honeymooners; I would recomend it to anyone!!!!!

In the evening we went to the local stadium to check out what Thai boxing was all about. Basically it was just a bunch of younger boys and men punching and kicking each other. Interesting event to watch but certainly not worth the price we paid to get in.

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