Sunday, August 06, 2006

DAY 2 -- Koh Samui

Liz and I woke up in a panic because we thought we had slept in. And since neither Liz nor myself brought a watch, we were relying on the hostel attendant to knock on our door at 9 am. After we jumped in the shower and changed our clothes we headed downstairs for breakfast and discovered it was only 8 am. (WHOA!!!!! ahead of schedule)

After a quick breakfast we were ready for some hard core shopping. Since we were up so early most of the street vendors were not open so we decided to cash in on our first (of many) massages. Can you believe it only cost us $4 for 1/2 hour?????

Shopping was interesting. We weren't very good at barganing so we probably paid too much for some items. Is was really crowded because the aisles were not very wide; on top of that we had our huge backpacks on so we were constantly knocking over the tiny Asians.

Plane ride to Koh Samui went really smoothly and the airport there was really interesting. It was outdoors and remided me of a log cabin. It is finally starting to feel like Thailand. We made our way to Lamai Beach after lugging our big bags around all day and got our second massage of the day...........we are already addicted!!


- the beach is gorgeous just like you see in the magazines
- the Thai language is quite entertaining to listen to (bling, blong, blug)
- Thai food is AWESOME

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