Monday, August 14, 2006

DAY 10 -- Last day :(

SHOP..................SHOP..................SHOP............Today we wanted to spend the rest of our Thai Baht before we left for home. We wondered around Kohsan Road looking for some bargains since we didn't have very much spending cash left. I went to the spa and got a mani and pedi. The day zipped past us because it was our last few hours to spend in Thailand.

We had an exhilarationg trip and enjoyed every minute of it. Liz and I got along really well because we were really low maintenance. We didn't have a plan and we went with the flow, which woked really well for us.

We flew out of Thailand at 11:30pm. When we arrived at the airport we discovered that was had to pay another tax fare. Thankfully Liz had just enough to cover both of us. Our flight went by fast and we arrived back in Seoul (Liz was regreting this moment because she came to LOVE Thailand). I got back to my apartment at 9:00am, just enought time to shower and get ready to teach at 10:00am.
This is me disappointed that I have to go back to work

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