Monday, August 28, 2006

A busy Saturday

I groaned as I heard the alarm go off on Saturday morning, but I knew I had to get up because I had a lot to do. First things first, I headed to the gym which is what I usually like to do in the a.m. to get it out of the way.

After I was all showered up I went to Costco with my friend Liz and her brother so that I could get my Thailand pics developed. Liz and I were gonna swap pictures but it turned out that she forgot her camera at home................oppppsssssssss

I was tempted to buy this SPAM gift set......................ummmmm..............doesn't that look delicious.....................I can't wait to recieve this present!!!! Okay enough sarcasm........but for real SPAM is a big hit here in Korea. Not too long ago men would buy their girlfriends parents SPAM gift sets to impress out mom and dad, I have a Korean boyfriend!!!!!

So after COSTCO I came home and did some unpacking because one of the conditions to me staying longer (2 months) was that I had to move apartments. I unpacked, unpacked and unpacked forever yet I am still not finished. I sure have horded up a lot of stuff since I have been here. After a small rest my boyfriend came over and we headed out for dinner and a movie.

And this is what we ate. It's called Chim Duck. Basically it is chicken, glass noodles, some veggies, potatoes and onions in a spicy delicious sause...................yummy!!!! Notice the scissors in the background -- yup this is what Koreans use to cut things..................hey could you pass the scissors please.

And then we headed to the theatre to check out Miami Vice, since that was the only english movie playing. Despite all the bad reviews it has received, both of us really enjoyed it.

Here we are waiting for them to clean the theatre so we can go in.

An interesting fact here in Korea is that when you go to a movie there is assigned seating. So mom you wouldn't have to go to the movie 40 minutes ahead of time just to get the seat you wanted. You would however have to buy your tickets about 3 hours in advance because seats sell out fast.


T. said...

oh yeah jen, I'll take a spam kit ha!

JENNA said...

mmm spam