Friday, July 21, 2006

My Baby

Friday night I was picked up by my NAM JAH CHING GO (boyfriend) and we left Seoul to go eat dinner at a quiet little out-door restaurant in the woods. He drove me there and we listened to english dance/ rap songs on the way so it didn't even seem like I was in Korea. I told him that I was unable to extend my contract for 3 months longer (which I was trying to do but couldn't out of reasons I don't even want to get into). Anyways, he was pretty upset and told me that his 'heart ached'..................he's so adorable; I just wanna pack him in my suitcase and bring him back home (I know all of you would love him).

Anyways we had a nice dinner of Bipimbop (rice with veggies and hot sause) and some weird wheat flour soup (along with all the common side-dishes).

Today we are heading to Namisum (an island) with his friends to party it up and then go either waterskiing or bungee jumping............should be a blast!!!!!!!!!

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