Friday, July 07, 2006

Full of smiles everyday -- the joy of children

I guess it is about time I post some pictures of my students -- after all they consume most of my time here in Korea. The first picture is taken at our monthly birthday bash that we have for all of the students who celebrate birthdays within each month. Kevin (the kid in the green) celebrated his 7th birthday (5 years Western age). He never listens to me in class but he often makes me laugh. I remember the first day of kindie class he burst out during my lesson and said "teacher do you like monster spiders?" -- good kid (they all are)

The boy on the left (Jerry) has to be one of my best students. He is so full of energy that I am exhasted by the end of the day. Sean (the boy on the right) is the biggest baby ever. I can't imagine how he gets treated at home but I would suspect he always gets his way. Everyday he tells me "teacher, Tim me no friend" and then starts to cry...........I dunno 'bout him.

All 12 of them hard at work cutting and pasting in their workbooks. Currently we are learning about different types of food. Last Friday we even had a pizza party!!!!!!!!!!!

They are a great bunch I will surely miss them when I am done -- ahhhhhhh less than 2 months from now :(


sambobo said...

The pictures of your kids are great. My how they have grown since I last saw them

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