Monday, July 24, 2006

Day two at NAMISUM

The first night of my excursion was pretty tame, but the next day certainly wasn't. We woke up at about 9am and took a 10 minuite ferry ride to the Island, which appeared to be quite popular among other Asians (we saw many Japanese, Chinese, and Malaysian people there............and of course I was the only white person). The weather was so beautiful -- not too hot, not too cold -- so we basically just strolled around for a couple of hours, stopping to take pictures here and there. Well truthfully Sung Hyun wanted to take a picture of us together like every 5 seconds (this is so Korean style), where as I was more interested in taking scenic pictures. It was so nice to see all the trees because in a big city like Seoul you often loose that sense of country.

I was really satisfied with my trip to Namisum up to this point and I thought that we would eat some lunch and head home...................boy was I wrong!!!!

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