Saturday, July 08, 2006

Count down to paradise

Well in just 20 short days I will be jumping on a plane heading to Thailand where I will be sitting on a beach drinking Mai Thais and eating delicious Thai food with my wonderful friend Liz.

We leave July 28th (my birthday) and head straight to Bangkok, but do not arrive till 12 pm. Liz assures me that we will be heading out on the town to do some drinking in celebration of my birthday, but I get the feeling we will be tired from the flight. The next day at 4 pm we are taking another flight to a remote island called Koh Samui. We will be staying here for about 7 days for some well deserved relaxation. Check out the pics don't they look amazing?????

After out stint in Koh Samui we are heading back to Bangkok to cash in on some shopping deals. We will stay there for 3 days and then arrive back in Seoul Monday morning at 8 am (and yes we have to work this day..............blughhhh).


Last night I treated my friend to some Thai food -- which we discovered later that he wasn't too fond of. It was so funny because he is so Korean style (which is what I love about him). For instance, he wanted to order a side dish of Kimchi (traditional korean food eaten at EVERY meal). He was so sad when he discovered that they didn't have any. Also, Koreans don't really have table manners (I too have picked up some bad manners since I have been here). For example, since they use chopsticks to eat noodles they have to slurp them up into their mouths. Well this was the case last night when Lee Sung Hyun used a fork, he still ate Korean style, slurping and all!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Jen I would be delighted to see you upon your return to Canada. You are always welcome to come to Saskatoon. Do I have a restraunt for you...and a great place for a Martini or 2....the PO. ;^D

Alexis_the Viking said...

Jen that sounds awsome :)
You are truely seeing the world

Miss you friend

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