Wednesday, June 14, 2006

A little taste of home

Most of you already know that I am a cook with the Naval Reserve. Since I have been to Korea I have had limited ability to show off my talents since it is a pain in the butt to cook for only one. From time to time I invite some of my Western friends over for a dinner party. When my mom arrived in Korea I thought it would be great to have everyone over for a big snack party. I prepared a variety of dishes (with the assistance from my mom, of course). The goodies were delectable and got eaten up right was great to have a little taste of home in Korea!!!!

After we stuffed our faces we cracked open the Western magzines that my mom brought and relaxed for the evening. The party was a big hit..........mission accomplished!!!!!!!

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Alexis_the Viking said...

Jen :) what a great idea; too blog; your pictures are lovely, and I quite like your place, it looks very homey, even in that bright shade of purple........ I made a blog too ;) so you can go there too ;)