Friday, June 23, 2006

Changgyeong Palace

On a hot Sunday afternoon my mother and I made a stop at a palace. This is the first one that I have been to since I have been in Korea (and there are several palaces around Seoul). It was very odd to be in a busy city surrounded by skyscrapers and then to walk into a peaceful quiet area -- it felt like we left the hustle and bustle of Seoul (on top of that we even got to sit of some grass, a rare thing in Korea).

There was this one group of Korean people that we ran into and they took a picture of my mother and me in a flower garden. We bumped into them again later that day and I decided that I should take a picture of their group (return the favour if you know what I mean). Well unfortunately when I went to give them their camera back I dropped it and it tumbled down a staircase and got all banged up. I felt so bad!!!!! So much for my good deed of the day.........haha.

Among the various royal festivities that took place at Changgyeong Palace, we got to view a reenactment of King Yeongjo's Fiftieth Birthday Celebration. The modern day event included dance and music that were used during such occasions. This is yet another reason that I enjoy being in Korea -- there is so much to do and see. This gave me the opportunity to enjoy the traditional Korean arts, as well as the atmosphere of a Joseon Dynasty Palace.

I took several pictures of the performance and the palace, but I think I did so with my mom's camera because I certainly don't know where they are stored on my computer. Nonetheless, it was a magnificant thing to be a part of.


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